Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Easy peanut butter cookies 4 ingredients and no flour/butter/milk. They are the best, actually addictive!

4 ingredients Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

How fast time keep proceeding its phases. It's amazing and sometime distressing to know that the year which we had labeled as 'new' is now going to be 'old'. 2014 is officially have become our past - The past, which we had planned as our future a year back and planted too many seeds of dreams in our mind for those 365 days and now.. at the end, we are coming to know that how far we've accomplished our ambition and resolution in that year.

Looking back at the whole year, it was lucky, happy and even harsh and deplorable, but above all else, I learnt eminently in 2014 that lead me to be a better person at the end. The world out there has so much to offer and to learn from, blogging is one of them and I'm pretty proud of being the part of it. Meeting bloggers over communities and social medias, and connecting with them was an immense experience. I learnt so much from them in respect to writing, photographing and cooking/baking. To talk further and straight over this blogging year, my recipes (Best of a year can be seen in my Blogiversary Post) got featured on various websites and blog, traffic increased, photography and writing level rose and now I can say I WAS a bad writer and photographer in past. Today, I'm not good but at least better then before and I see this as improvement which is needless to say is the best thing happen in 2014. In this past year, my Instagram account crazed up with 1000+ followers which got featured on Dawn.com and Siddysays blog. I've collected good amount of baking essentials, photography items and cookbooks in this year that broke all the records of my 20 years history and looking at all of them I'm certain that my love for this blog and making it special one is rising enthusiastically. I wasn't that fond of these things before starting blog and now they seem to the part of my living. In a nutshell, this was the huge year of blogging and food which lead me to gain a good kg of weight and now I'm missing 2013-of-myself.


Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Bark

Pure Dark Chocolate Bark with Pomegranate and sprinkle of Himalayan Black Salt. Sweet, salty and tangy all at same time.

Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Bark with Black Salt

November was hack busy month, tied up with lots of life events and bunch of birthdays to go through. Being a lonely baker at home, I had to bake cakes for everyone's big days and even for myself this time. In all these bake-ness what I enjoyed the most was my attempt at fondant cake which I bake for my nephew's first birthday with Mercedes-Benz theme. But at end, the misfortune take place. Everything went silk and smooth, what actually happened was that the cake slightly slipped away during transportation and actually it was in my hand so it is not fine to blame or scream at others but to Rikshaw-wala who keep bouncing the ride ever now and then. Needless to say I was devastated and I'm still furious on that case not for the cake to slipped away but on me that I didn't take the final shot of cake to share with you. Too bad! and my sister has the video which she is not gonna give me that soon. I'm begging her everyday, every minute, but this working mom has no time to just send me a video. Hope someday she get a mini heart for me and send the video my way, Ameen!


Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Spicy, Crispy and Oh so delicious Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe with Chatkhaar.

Spicy Crispy Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe

I recently had the chance to give a chutney, pickle and condiments product called Chatkaar to try and write the review post for them. Chatkhaar is a product of Naurus (Pvt) Ltd. and has recently introduced new flavors among their already existing varieties, from which I was given two of them, which where my choice, Falsa Chutney and Chicken Pickle. They both tastes so fresh and, well, REAL. I loved the flavors and contrast and most of all the Packaging, royal gold and black theme with vintage logo. The look of the bottle and jar was different and unique in their own way.


Recipe Round-up & Blogiversary Giveaway

 photo joo_zps353b3a8d.jpg

One years, twelve months, endless hours of cooking and baking and testing and photographing and editing and writing and finally clicking PUBLISH. I've enjoyed each and every minute of this tremendous year and I've learned so much over the past 12 months. When I look back at some of my early Recipe posts I realize how far I've come especially with my Food Photography. Unedited, low-lighted, and even captured in the kitchen near stove, Embarrassing? Yes, but that's how we learn and grow and be someone, right?  I'm thinking about going back and making some of those recipes again just so I can take some new and better photos. But only if my distracting schedule allow me to do so. Further-note: I already have few recipes hanging on draft to be edit and give them lives. I have been so crazy busy in all the events going on this November. Let's hope everything get back to normal again!


Easy Homemade Doughnuts (Baked)

Easy recipe for Doughnuts with Chocolate glaze. They are baked, not fried and categorized into easy baking and healthy eating. Yum!

Recipe for doughnuts

Chef in Frame marks its First Anniversary this month. Oh boy, time is running extremely fast and I can not believe a year have just gone by. I started this blog on Nov, 2013 for organizing and documenting the recipes I baked or cooked in spare time after graduation. I could never imagine to reach at that point where I'm today, never ever in my wild imagination. This one year of blogging ride has been huge blessing for me - in the form of amazing people abundance with extraordinary talent and love, in the form of learning to be a better cook, baker, photographer and to be a good writer, (which I'm not, sadly) in the form of adventure which I could never imagine myself to be in, its just happen as I search my passion and take it to the next level. However, what make this journey all the more enjoyable is that I can share my food love with loyal readers like you and you can get something to try and cheer with your love once.


Naked Chocolate Cupcakes

Basic and Easy Cupcakes without the need of Frosting or Icing over them. Just six ingredients and you're ready to busting nutcracker moves in the kitchen.

Easy Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe, butter-less Chocolate Cupcakes

Whether you got cupcake or muffin. It would be a mini beauty of cake in it, which melt in your mouth with the sweetness it has. But as the rules goes every where, cupcakes is known to be "The cupcakes" if you got the tower like or flat frosting/icing over it. However muffin got nothing just a mini cup of slightly sweet cake which would be closer to bread texture. Usually cupcakes are categorized into dessert item because of being double in sweetness than muffins. While Muffins are consider to be everyday breakfast food and are healthy side of cake. Well, that's what I get to know from Internet folks. You Cupcake queens (or Muffins fairies) are welcome to correct me in the comments, anytime.


Bananas Fritters with Yogurt Syrup

Banana fritters, sweet. simple and delicious South African dessert recipe with Yogurt syrup.

Easy Banana Fritters with yogurt syrup

This is my 3rd and constantly regular entry in the full of fun and lovely club organized by Noor, MENA Cooking Club. This time for Djibouti I cook Bananas Fritters, which was fun to do so, as I love everything Banana, from peeling to mashing to eating to cooking to baking. Who don't like one way ticket to health that too with this sweet and creamy fruit?


Coconut Crumb Muffins

Moist yet Crumbly Muffins, packed with wholesome Coconut flavor. Perfect for breakfast and quick snack.

Easy Coconut Crumb Muffins with Coconut Crumbs on Top

Before I tell you more about these crumbly bombs, let me first tell you that I've got Liebster Award, not from one blogger but by two gorgeous ladies who blog about food and their musings behind it. Ayesha from Dairy of an Aspiring Foodie & Aiza from La-Tour-De-Force. (Thank you girls for adjudge my blog be deserving) And they threw 11, 11 questions to answer upon receiving this Award. You guess right, these are 22 answers I am going to write for them. Process on...


Bahrain's Chicken Machbous

Bahraini Chicken and Spicy Rice or Machboos ala Dajaj. The Recipe of national dish of Bahrain.

Bahraini Chicken and Spicy Rice Recipe

Welcome after a big lazy Carnival like gap of holidays. It's been more than a week of ending Eid already and now I'm back with setting aside all my sickness and laziness, with a treat in hands.
For Eid I've shared Banana Cupcakes recipe with you which I also was planning to bake on Eid, but my whole plan gone out of the windows. Because Chand Raat went Unexpectedly busy that I didn't get chance to bake the cupcakes or even prepare for the frosting. I leave it all on eid day but on 1st Eid I slept the long hours of my life in the hope of getting freshen up to do anything in the kitchen but I wasn't found myself in the mood of working on that sweet aura of Eid. Laziness sucks, parties stopped me. I know Mom was noticing me lately and on second Eid she suggest me like this "Whats wrong? bake something your Phupho (Aunty) are coming." And you know what, that kind of Hit-on-my-back I wanted radically to get ride of chaos and do some baking. If you've been following me on Instagram you should know I did - yes, I did on that day when Phopho come and enjoyed Chocolate Cake bars with my handmade Tea. And I did on the next day too, the plain Muffins to take them for cousins, which they enjoyed and also shared on their social medias. Big feelings! That ways, Eid went good or I think pretty good in parties, sleeping and baking. Who need more else to do on holidays?


Banana Cupcakes with Yogurt Cream Frosting

Classic or say Basic Banana Cupcakes with glossy frosting over it, made with yogurt and fresh cream as core ingredients.

Following by my back days, lets say the week which had gone by, was just disturbing, tough and cluttered. Nothing was going as I wanted it to be. Hard enough to survive in illness while fasting. I've been the target of weakness since 1st of Ramadan, but Merci on Dr who gave some genius calcium/vitamins kinda tablets that worked great. But nothing I could enjoy more and now Wisdom Tooth have attacked me. Pain is at its peak, I can't talk, neither can bite the food nor I'm able to open the mouth for my own big bite. Sigh. I am almost living off on liquid stuffs. Thanks God that Tea is liquid. Well, It have become hard to keep my head above water. Seriously I don't need that kind of WISDOM right now. Hoping to be all this clutter end before Eid.


Yeast-less Algerian ka'ak

Yeast-less Algerian ka'ak

I've never perfected the art of baking any cookie in this planet ever before. And this cookies? Its all happen last night and I have to blame on MENA Cooking Club for this accident. Thank you Noor for making it possible for us to learn being at home, meet new gorgeous cooks around and sharing the love. If any of you love to cook or bake new stuffs, this is your thing then, join this club here.
For this month we have been given two choices among sweet and savoury recipe by our host Asmaa, to try and share. I choose this Kaak/Cookies to bake. They are Algerian Kaak, north African cookies which is the combo of brioche and cookie together. This usually required to make the cookie dough using yeast as specialist to make it rise.


Baked Puff Potato Patties

Homemade puff Patties filled with delicious mashed Potatoes. Easy recipe to try at home.

Homemade Baked Puff Potato Patties Recipe | Chef in Frame

Time is running its own marathon without leaving for us a trace, along the way we are quite busy in our life-chores that we haven't got any time to realise the fact about where life has brought us in those few years. Tell you what, I wanna be a kid again, whose only satisfaction lied in buying toffee, biscuits, chips.. playing with kids and fighting with them until she didn't win.. I can bet that phase of time was kind of amazing. The only things I worried about was my pocket-money and exams. There's no such things now. Time has changed so much that even I can’t believe it myself.

Homemade Baked Puff Patties Recipe


Tempted Brownies sandwiches

Chocolaty, Creamy, Dreamy Brownies Sandwiches with Coffee cream and sugar crunches, simply Irresistible!

Brownie's Sandwiches | Chef in Frame

Me and mine family has a lover kinda relation with brownies, that I couldn't ever turn it down. I used to make different styles of brownies with numbers of techniques ever now and then. Brownies is a lovely temptation for serving family or even to the guest with Coffee or Chai. My mom haven't that sweet tooth, but she always ask me for bake brownies in every happy events and invitations to serve after-dinner-dessert and believe me these softy, cake-y brownies are perfect for that kind of stuffs, which gives you sweet-healthy-power after eating spicy food.

So, today I'm sharing this Tempting dessert-y chocolat-y recipe with you. Bake it, Love it, but remember - love your family more.. ;)


Semolina and Gram flour dessert

I've made quite a few exiting days on this Blog, today is no less special and cheerful day as I've been invited to Ainy Cooks and write a guest post for her. It was a honor, right? to post for a fellow blogger whom I just met recently. I should tell you she warned me to write something OTHER THAN BAKING... It just give me a mini heart attack but I manage to send some sweetness her way, anyhow. ;)
I made Gram flour and Semolina halwa with my Mom's help (to be honest) as I'm not so good in that Desi stuffs. That recipe inspired me when we visit hyd. city and my Anty serve this halwa after lunch. She just made it some what delicious that I couldn't resist and ask her for recipe. After coming back to Khi, I made number of trails and errors with this recipe and finally ask my mom to give a hand on it... Voila! I'm just totally impress with these old women, who know who to manage to keep the taste buds and sweetness in traditional dishes.


Cabbage filled Pakoras

Crispy Cabbage filled pakoras with hint of chili. Perfect for any-time-snack you crave for something savoury and flavorsome.

Traditional Pakoras filled with Cabbage - Recipe | Chef in frame

This is my First Recipe/Post on the Blogger Platform. If you've known me before, I was doing all recipe sharing stuffs on Wordpress.com since 4 months. There was kinda restriction there, as it was Free. I wanted to change the look of my blog, the width, the style, the layout etc.. which wasn't allowed to do on Wordpress.com, only you were allow to choose the fixed premade themes there (free & premium both) but you can't play with HTML codes and make some custom changes plus there's also the trammel on Java script codes. While if I wanted to do all this stuff on Wordpress.com, the only option there was to get a Host and install Wordpress software there from Wordpress.org which is free but you have to pay hosting on monthly or yearly basis.
Well, long story short I didn't want to take a Rupee/Penny out of my pocket to take risk initially. I choose Blogger the independent platform and transfer my all stuffs from Wordpress to Blogger, all by myself. Yayhh! Some of you may think I'm fool or something but I'm really proud of it. It was a great experience anyway. What I've learned, and found some new stuffs in that phase is another story which I'll soon come up with on next post. Until now you enjoy these Pakoras with tamarind chutni or ketchup or any of your favorite dip. Let me give you my trick -these hot pakoras are also well suit with evening tea. ;)