Breakfast tips and Baked puffed egg

Baked Puff Egg | Chef in Frame
Breakfast meal has so many benefits for our health. As my aunty used to say, if you have to ingest 100% food in a whole day. Have 60% in breakfast, 30% in lunch and 10% in dinner. This way you can keep yourself healthy and active all day long. And when I asked why to consume a lot in morning, she would replied 'If you get full morning meal, it keep your body active in your activity and it won't harm you as you will not go to sleep after having breakfast like you do in dinner. Usually after having dinner we go to bed and resting won't allow our meal to digest, which is harmful. So have more in morning and less in dinner. Make sure that what are you eating must be digest properly, otherwise it spoil your body and you gain weight plus chances are  you may fall ill.


Coffee loaf/bread

Classic Coffee Cake | Chef in Frame

Have you any heard of banana bread, fruits bread (hazelnut, walnut etc), orange bread? I sure, you do. That's all are common kind of breads or loaves in baking market. You can find plenty of them on internet. When I newly bought my first mini loaf pan, I thought to make a simple vanilla loaf. But my mind flip over to try something new. So I choose coffee flavor for my first loaf and I baked it.
First try and it went almost good. See, now I'm sharing another sweet recipe, hasn't got chance for cooking after Chinese keema. Well, I'm thinking to make some spicy Pancakes this week. Let's see what I come up with. Until now, you check my sweet loaf. :)


Chicken Chinese keema with Egg parhata

For a month or so, I'm posting sweet recipes from my crazy kitchen. It's not like that I don't like savory dishes, but just love to bake sweetness more than cooking. Usually cooking is what, my mom is expert in and that's a reason I don't get enough chance to cook a family meal. But sometimes, when mom outa home or busy in her schedule, then I get the great luck to make a mess with onions over hot stove. So do I yester night for dinner when mom was tired, I thought to take the cooking things on me.
Check out the Menu please!
"Chicken Chinese keema with Egg Parhata"

Chicken Chinese keema | Chef in Frame

Keema is the Urdu name for Mince and parhata is the flatbread seared in ghee, so don't take it distinctive. Simply it is Chicken Chinese Mince with Egg-ghee's Flatbread. First thing first, here's Chicken Chinese keema recipe and a shot of it. ;)
What do you think of shot? I'm not so good in savory dishes photography. In Cakes, Brownies and bars I usually can take a great shot. May be practice matters here. Anyway, look at the ingredients for making this chicken-y chinese-y dish.


Textured Brownies (mini chocolate bites)

Mini Brownies | Chef in Frame

Supper Textured mini brownies (chocolate bites)
My another version of brownie. Another adventure, another success and another happiness. Home baked, so easy, delicious and chocolaty bites. This is one which you've never taste before. Let's me define its texture, it is crackling at the top, moist and chocolaty inside plus dreamy scrumptious. If you're a chocolate lover, you shouldn't wait any longer. Just bake it. Here's the easy pessy chocolaty recipe;


Basic Elements of Cake Baking

Elements that are necessary in baking a luscious cake:

As far as my experience goes in Baking, I adore these five element that is, I think 'A must have' to bake a perfect Cake on baking planet. They are what I learn from experience as well as from my Mom and some tips from here and there. Every baker, local or professional adore and apply their secret element in baking. Today I'm sharing my useful info, I hope it'll be useful in one way or another for you to bake a cake at home easily.

1-Ingredients, you are using in baking a cake should be at room temperature. Cold eggs, milk, flour, sugar etc can make your cake so dense and dough like.
2-Mixing bowl, should be clean. There shouldn't be any liquid in there i.e, water. Liquid won't allow you eggs to fluffed and creamed (which is essential to sponge the cake)
3-Flour, baking soda/powder all dry ingredients except sugar, should be add in last and not to over-mix it in batter (little lumps are okay). Over-mixing can dense the cake too.
4-Always pre-heat the oven, it can help the cake to get the right amount of heat at right time.
5-Always follow the recipe instruction. If you miss a step or two, chances are you may fail baking a good cake or your result won't be as cakery as it should be.
6-Control yourself. Don't eat the whole batch alone, family and friends are essence of Cake celebration. ;)
Have a Cakery Baking everyday. Enjoy!


Classic Tea cake

Tea Cake | Chef in FrameFew years back I overhear the conversation between my mom and aunty. They were Chatting on steam baked Tea cake, that can be ready without oven. At that time, I thought its all are joke, how can we bake anything without oven? But my mom baked a butter cake with this method few days after conversation and it was supper soft and lovely like a bakery cake. I was totally astonished of this fact and ask my mom to taught me this technique. After this day to today I use to bake my favorite cakes and brownies in this way. I posted the method already in previous post. Check the steam baking method. By using this method I'm sharing a secret Tea cake recipe, that can blow your evening with lovely tea.