Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake! That's right, this is a healthy chocolate cake. Good news for calories watchers. But wait, it contain gluten and sugar, still not that much. Plus it is only one egg cake recipe to rock your chocolate cake experience. Not bad!

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

I'm a oil-baking girl, who rarely use butter in cake baking. Pick up any cake or cupcake/muffins recipe from archive and you'll find oil in it rather than 'Oh, so popular butter'. I believe the moistness of oil in the cake batter keep the cake soft and fresh for long long time compare to butter. This chocolate olive oil cake recipe is moderated from these chocolate cupcakes. I tweak this recipe a bit and make a 7" round chocolate cake which turned out absolutely perfect, melt in the mouth texture, moist and rise like a good healthy sponge. You can opt to use canola oil in there, I also did and result was as smashing as the olive oil one. You can also frost this cake with any of your favorite frosting or just sift icing sugar on top as I did. What I'm trying to say is.. Pick your style!

Mocha Chocolate Chips Muffins

Mocha Chocolate Chips Muffins, a easy muffins recipe to whip up at home in easy steps. Best for breakfast and tea time or any other time you crave for sweet in café expresso style.

Mocha Chocolate Chips Muffins

There are a lot of things to love about these blogging experience that all whirl around these recipe and food sharing. Baking has been seriously my excuse for this blog which destined me to be in happy place now and again. Sharing with you all this experience is immense because simply you all are the best I've ever known. On this side of blogging, I'm talking brief about blogging and life at Ainy Cooks. Go check this out and also she is spotlighting all the Pakistani food bloggers so don't forget to check other talented ladies and most specially Ainy's mouth watering Recipes. This green masalah phulki.. I'm dying to taste. In 2014, I also guest posted at her blog with Gram flour and Semolina Halwa. A desi dessert to delight up a desi dinner table!

The Best Banana Bread

Crowd-pleasing recipe for Banana Bread. One of the best banana bread I put my hands on with one of the easiest recipe, adopted from Paul Hollywood's 'How To Bake' mini cookbook.

The Best Banana Bread Recipe by Paul Hollywood

I have severe flu, headache and sore throat as I'm writing this recipe post. Thing is, Karachi weather don't stay serious ever. Sigh! This freezing temperature is killing my bones with pain, cold pain. And I'm craving for a cozy cup of Hot Chocolate (yes, pass please) but I'm living on a glass size mug of hot Tea instead, which is a blessing, strong and comforting! All praise belongs to God!

Jordanian Rice and Tomato Soup

Comforting Rice and Tomato Soup Recipe from Jordan that delight up your winter season.

Healthy Jordanian rice and tomato soup

It's time for MENA again, which mean we have to travel through Middle Eastern/North African countries and experience taste buds of their delicious cuisines, that to being in our messy kitchen.. It is the turn of Jordan this month and I'm choosing this easy and comforting soup to cook and share. Thank you Evelyn for hosting this time!
This soup is best remedy for cold, full of vitamins and easy to prepare while your heavy schedule going on, on the way. Bright flavor of the fresh tomatoes along with the hint of cinnamon and garlic and soft rice on side is what give you the comforting treat in this winter without being ponderous. I added some lemon juice for the kick and it did the fine job to add twist in it, feel free to add lemon as you like or even sprinkle additional pepper over the hot soup. It will be hearty anyway!