Coconut Crumb Muffins

Moist yet Crumbly Muffins, packed with wholesome Coconut flavor. Perfect for breakfast and quick snack.

Easy Coconut Crumb Muffins with Coconut Crumbs on Top

Before I tell you more about these crumbly bombs, let me first tell you that I've got Liebster Award, not from one blogger but by two gorgeous ladies who blog about food and their musings behind it. Ayesha from Dairy of an Aspiring Foodie & Aiza from La-Tour-De-Force. (Thank you girls for adjudge my blog be deserving) And they threw 11, 11 questions to answer upon receiving this Award. You guess right, these are 22 answers I am going to write for them. Process on...


Fruit and Spinach Green Smoothie

A simple smoothie recipe loaded with Fruit and greens goodness. Robustness and Revitalizing treat for Independence day. 

Fruit and Spinach Green Smoothie

It's 14th August today, the important day in the history of our independent country, The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It has turned 67 years old, mA. It really is something to be dignified over, to be know that it has Abdul Qadeer Khan as a Nuclear Scientist, Abdul Sattar Edhi as a Philanthropist, Arfa Karim Randhwa (late) and Sitara Brooj as the representative of liberal society, has the fastest growing IT field, world's second highest Peak, own the strongest Military Force in the world and has the youth with creative skills (like me!) I'm proud of being a Pakistani. Its cuisine and enviable natural beauty is unbeatable. I owed by all of them. I love the people here. No matter how many sectarian differences we have and how many political parties divide us in group, we, the people of Pakistan still manage to unite under one flag and one name, whether it is cricket finals or natural disasters. I just wish and pray that the future brings better and selfless leader to our beloved land. And also I wish you all Pakistani reader whether living Pakistan or in aboard, a very happy and peaceful Independence Day 2014. Cheer up!


Bahrain's Chicken Machbous

Bahraini Chicken and Spicy Rice or Machboos ala Dajaj. The Recipe of national dish of Bahrain.

Bahraini Chicken and Spicy Rice Recipe

Welcome after a big lazy Carnival like gap of holidays. It's been more than a week of ending Eid already and now I'm back with setting aside all my sickness and laziness, with a treat in hands.
For Eid I've shared Banana Cupcakes recipe with you which I also was planning to bake on Eid, but my whole plan gone out of the windows. Because Chand Raat went Unexpectedly busy that I didn't get chance to bake the cupcakes or even prepare for the frosting. I leave it all on eid day but on 1st Eid I slept the long hours of my life in the hope of getting freshen up to do anything in the kitchen but I wasn't found myself in the mood of working on that sweet aura of Eid. Laziness sucks, parties stopped me. I know Mom was noticing me lately and on second Eid she suggest me like this "Whats wrong? bake something your Phupho (Aunty) are coming." And you know what, that kind of Hit-on-my-back I wanted radically to get ride of chaos and do some baking. If you've been following me on Instagram you should know I did - yes, I did on that day when Phopho come and enjoyed Chocolate Cake bars with my handmade Tea. And I did on the next day too, the plain Muffins to take them for cousins, which they enjoyed and also shared on their social medias. Big feelings! That ways, Eid went good or I think pretty good in parties, sleeping and baking. Who need more else to do on holidays?