Banana Cupcakes with Yogurt Cream Frosting

Classic or say Basic Banana Cupcakes with glossy frosting over it, made with yogurt and fresh cream as core ingredients.

Following by my back days, lets say the week which had gone by, was just disturbing, tough and cluttered. Nothing was going as I wanted it to be. Hard enough to survive in illness while fasting. I've been the target of weakness since 1st of Ramadan, but Merci on Dr who gave some genius calcium/vitamins kinda tablets that worked great. But nothing I could enjoy more and now Wisdom Tooth have attacked me. Pain is at its peak, I can't talk, neither can bite the food nor I'm able to open the mouth for my own big bite. Sigh. I am almost living off on liquid stuffs. Thanks God that Tea is liquid. Well, It have become hard to keep my head above water. Seriously I don't need that kind of WISDOM right now. Hoping to be all this clutter end before Eid.


Yeast-less Algerian ka'ak

Yeast-less Algerian ka'ak

I've never perfected the art of baking any cookie in this planet ever before. And this cookies? Its all happen last night and I have to blame on MENA Cooking Club for this accident. Thank you Noor for making it possible for us to learn being at home, meet new gorgeous cooks around and sharing the love. If any of you love to cook or bake new stuffs, this is your thing then, join this club here.
For this month we have been given two choices among sweet and savoury recipe by our host Asmaa, to try and share. I choose this Kaak/Cookies to bake. They are Algerian Kaak, north African cookies which is the combo of brioche and cookie together. This usually required to make the cookie dough using yeast as specialist to make it rise.