Basic Elements of Cake Baking

Elements that are necessary in baking a luscious cake:

As far as my experience goes in Baking, I adore these five element that is, I think 'A must have' to bake a perfect Cake on baking planet. They are what I learn from experience as well as from my Mom and some tips from here and there. Every baker, local or professional adore and apply their secret element in baking. Today I'm sharing my useful info, I hope it'll be useful in one way or another for you to bake a cake at home easily.

1-Ingredients, you are using in baking a cake should be at room temperature. Cold eggs, milk, flour, sugar etc can make your cake so dense and dough like.
2-Mixing bowl, should be clean. There shouldn't be any liquid in there i.e, water. Liquid won't allow you eggs to fluffed and creamed (which is essential to sponge the cake)
3-Flour, baking soda/powder all dry ingredients except sugar, should be add in last and not to over-mix it in batter (little lumps are okay). Over-mixing can dense the cake too.
4-Always pre-heat the oven, it can help the cake to get the right amount of heat at right time.
5-Always follow the recipe instruction. If you miss a step or two, chances are you may fail baking a good cake or your result won't be as cakery as it should be.
6-Control yourself. Don't eat the whole batch alone, family and friends are essence of Cake celebration. ;)
Have a Cakery Baking everyday. Enjoy!