Naked Chocolate Cupcakes

Basic and Easy Cupcakes without the need of Frosting or Icing over them. Just six ingredients and you're ready to busting nutcracker moves in the kitchen.

Easy Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe, butter-less Chocolate Cupcakes

Whether you got cupcake or muffin. It would be a mini beauty of cake in it, which melt in your mouth with the sweetness it has. But as the rules goes every where, cupcakes is known to be "The cupcakes" if you got the tower like or flat frosting/icing over it. However muffin got nothing just a mini cup of slightly sweet cake which would be closer to bread texture. Usually cupcakes are categorized into dessert item because of being double in sweetness than muffins. While Muffins are consider to be everyday breakfast food and are healthy side of cake. Well, that's what I get to know from Internet folks. You Cupcake queens (or Muffins fairies) are welcome to correct me in the comments, anytime.


Bananas Fritters with Yogurt Syrup

Banana fritters, sweet. simple and delicious South African dessert recipe with Yogurt syrup.

Easy Banana Fritters with yogurt syrup

This is my 3rd and constantly regular entry in the full of fun and lovely club organized by Noor, MENA Cooking Club. This time for Djibouti I cook Bananas Fritters, which was fun to do so, as I love everything Banana, from peeling to mashing to eating to cooking to baking. Who don't like one way ticket to health that too with this sweet and creamy fruit?