Semolina and Gram flour dessert

I've made quite a few exiting days on this Blog, today is no less special and cheerful day as I've been invited to Ainy Cooks and write a guest post for her. It was a honor, right? to post for a fellow blogger whom I just met recently. I should tell you she warned me to write something OTHER THAN BAKING... It just give me a mini heart attack but I manage to send some sweetness her way, anyhow. ;)
I made Gram flour and Semolina halwa with my Mom's help (to be honest) as I'm not so good in that Desi stuffs. That recipe inspired me when we visit hyd. city and my Anty serve this halwa after lunch. She just made it some what delicious that I couldn't resist and ask her for recipe. After coming back to Khi, I made number of trails and errors with this recipe and finally ask my mom to give a hand on it... Voila! I'm just totally impress with these old women, who know who to manage to keep the taste buds and sweetness in traditional dishes.


Cabbage filled Pakoras

Crispy Cabbage filled pakoras with hint of chili. Perfect for any-time-snack you crave for something savoury and flavorsome.

Traditional Pakoras filled with Cabbage - Recipe | Chef in frame

This is my First Recipe/Post on the Blogger Platform. If you've known me before, I was doing all recipe sharing stuffs on Wordpress.com since 4 months. There was kinda restriction there, as it was Free. I wanted to change the look of my blog, the width, the style, the layout etc.. which wasn't allowed to do on Wordpress.com, only you were allow to choose the fixed premade themes there (free & premium both) but you can't play with HTML codes and make some custom changes plus there's also the trammel on Java script codes. While if I wanted to do all this stuff on Wordpress.com, the only option there was to get a Host and install Wordpress software there from Wordpress.org which is free but you have to pay hosting on monthly or yearly basis.
Well, long story short I didn't want to take a Rupee/Penny out of my pocket to take risk initially. I choose Blogger the independent platform and transfer my all stuffs from Wordpress to Blogger, all by myself. Yayhh! Some of you may think I'm fool or something but I'm really proud of it. It was a great experience anyway. What I've learned, and found some new stuffs in that phase is another story which I'll soon come up with on next post. Until now you enjoy these Pakoras with tamarind chutni or ketchup or any of your favorite dip. Let me give you my trick -these hot pakoras are also well suit with evening tea. ;)