Red Chili and Tomato Pasta

Hot and spicy Chilli and Tomato Pasta | Chef in Frame

Unlike cooking, baking has some procedures to go through, meticulously. You can't throw some sugar here and flour there, instead you have to follow recipe's instructions as well measure all the ingredients accurately. Every aspect of baking involve possible defeat or glorious victory. This is the reason I'm more drown to baking, but playing with ingredients in cooking reserves its own fun.

And this pasta is also categorised into cooking fun, which I make last month.. Take the lots of photos.. Jot down the recipe, but time wasn't allowing me to share this recipe here as my blog design was in process (proudly done by me) and Potato Patties was on the line. But finally here it is the most scrumptious pasta I've ever had (or you'll ever taste) from home kitchen. It was hot and spicy combo of red chili and whole red tomatoes goodness.


Baked Puff Potato Patties

Homemade puff Patties filled with delicious mashed Potatoes. Easy recipe to try at home.

Baked Puff Potato Patties Recipe | Chef in Frame

Time is running its own marathon without leaving for us a trace, along the way we are quite busy in our life-chores that we haven't got any time to realise the fact about where life has brought us in those few years. Tell you what, I wanna be a kid again, whose only satisfaction lied in buying toffee, biscuits, chips.. playing with kids and fighting with them until she didn't win.. I can bet that phase of time was kind of amazing. The only things I worried about was my pocket-money and exams. There's no such things now. Time has changed so much that even I can’t believe it myself.