Recipe Round-up & Blogiversary Giveaway

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One years, twelve months, endless hours of cooking and baking and testing and photographing and editing and writing and finally clicking PUBLISH. I've enjoyed each and every minute of this tremendous year and I've learned so much over the past 12 months. When I look back at some of my early Recipe posts I realize how far I've come especially with my Food Photography. Unedited, low-lighted, and even captured in the kitchen near stove, Embarrassing? Yes, but that's how we learn and grow and be someone, right?  I'm thinking about going back and making some of those recipes again just so I can take some new and better photos. But only if my distracting schedule allow me to do so. Further-note: I already have few recipes hanging on draft to be edit and give them lives. I have been so crazy busy in all the events going on this November. Let's hope everything get back to normal again!


Easy Homemade Doughnuts (Baked)

Easy recipe for Doughnuts with Chocolate glaze. They are baked, not fried and categorized into easy baking and healthy eating. Yum!

Recipe for doughnuts

Chef in Frame marks its First Anniversary this month. Oh boy, time is running extremely fast and I can not believe a year have just gone by. I started this blog on Nov, 2013 for organizing and documenting the recipes I baked or cooked in spare time after graduation. I could never imagine to reach at that point where I'm today, never ever in my wild imagination. This one year of blogging ride has been huge blessing for me - in the form of amazing people abundance with extraordinary talent and love, in the form of learning to be a better cook, baker, photographer and to be a good writer, (which I'm not, sadly) in the form of adventure which I could never imagine myself to be in, its just happen as I search my passion and take it to the next level. However, what make this journey all the more enjoyable is that I can share my food love with loyal readers like you and you can get something to try and cheer with your love once.


Persian Rice Pudding

Saffron Rice Pudding. Easy and delicate Persian Dessert. Familiarly known as Sholeh Zard in Iran. 

Persian Saffron Rice Pudding

It has been so long since I wrote draft here, hit Publish button or even open my Blogger account. It was just because of the amount of stuffs swing here and there. Things were quite chaotic and unrest lately. Nevertheless, I'm back, leaving all my shaking thoughts behind and the biggest reason for this was MENA Cooking Club. Members knows that I was absent last month because of Eid Parties and Invitations. I really missed being here, cooking new cuisine from almost never-known region and sharing experiences. It's like a family fun. I didn't want to be lost this month in my procrastination. And I'm hoping to be a consistence blogger again. (finger crossed!) In another news, my Blog's First Anniversary post is also due. It has been the whole year of blogging, full one year. How exciting! I'm totally ready for the blast. You should too.