2 ingredients Strawberry Lassi

Strawberries and Yogurt Smoothie, a.k.a Strawberry Lassi. Perfect for coming summer to delight yourself with pleasant and healthy drink!

As the spring has almost been started and the drizzling days are passing by us. I thought to treat my blog with something refreshing and pleasant to present and pass it by my lovely readers. I come up with this quike-to-make Drink with huge goodness of Strawberry in Healthy creamy Yogurt..  believe me or not, there's nothing else in it. As being a fan of both I can say, it's what I was waiting so long for spring to start over. So that I could fulfill my desire for this cold and deary Drink. I'm already pretty much of those people who caught cold too quick plus weather is officially playing hide and seek at that moment on daily basis here in Karachi. So, I guess I have to wait a little more for summer to start over completely with hot golden sun over me, so I could have my favorite fruit smoothie everyday. Until now, I can only have it once in a week OR once in the two week... still not bad!!!


Chocolate Fudge Cake

Moist and Fudgey Chocolate Cake, topped with sinful but beautiful Whipped cream frosting.
This cake is a Easy one I ever tried and taste as best as my all cakes do. But it's all dependent on the quality of Cocoa powder used in it. The better and rich cocoa you use, the more intense and chocolatey your cake will taste. (it's a deal!) Always use strong good quality cocoa in every kind of baking, so that your goodies will get deep flavor of chocolate rather than powder-y one. Be sure in buying cocoa from market, pick trusted company like Cadbary, Hershey's etc. I've used Italiano in this recipe for the first time and it turned out pretty well for me. If you are having good experience with another cocoa powder, comment below. I'll love to give it a try in my baking.


Guest Post: Cake Baking Tips

Tips for Baking Cake at Home
"My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it."--Boris Johnson
I recently discover a lovely blog from Pakistan, which is live since 3+ years with lots of amazing food and recipes, by Ambreen Simply Sweet 'n Savory. She is so talented Pakistani Food Blogger. Check her blog for easy & mouth-watering Sweet as well as Savory Recipes at one place. You can catch her on Pinterest & Google+ too.

I shared my experimental Tips on Cake Baking on Ambreen's blog today, which she accepted generously with love. This my first guest post & I'm so glad it's live on fellow Pakistani blog. :)

I'm hoping that's you'll learn to Bake a perfect Cake at home in one way or another!

Let's join me over at Yummy Palace; Cake Baking Tips at Simply Sweet 'n Savory.


Android Apps for You... Foodies!

Android Apps for Real Foodies | Chef in Frame

Are you Foodie and have a handsome Smartphone? What do you do with it? Call, Msg, Facebooking or tweeting? It's not bad to do so but let me tell you to use your phone Yummy-ly. Start over with my story.

As you all knows, having smartphones become a necessity of Life. There are so many thing you can do with your smartphones that you couldn't do with regular phones. When I was using my QWERTY phone Nokia c3, it was limited to some functions, like I wasn't able to use Viber, I wanted to have some useful apps that wasn't available at Nokia Store. Then I choose to go up and touch some Smartology. ;) I decided to get iPhone, but it was little expensive to my budget. I look over some Windows phone too, but didn't get nice feedback from fellow friends. Anyhow I settle for Android Smartphone and get my first blooming phone in hand, HTC Sensation. However it felt little annoying to use touch screen after using QWERTY for 2 years. But it's feel cool now, don't worry. After having the big phone in my hand I pop over to Play Store. Did research for 3 hrs downloaded few apps, deleted number of apps that I thought wasn't great for use and were consuming memory. It's been 5 months now and I have 7 to 8 very very useful apps that I want you to suggest. Get them and be a Real Smart Foodie.


Cabbage leaves Tacos with Potato Stuffing

Cabbage leaves Tacos, stuffed with stir-fry Potatoes & Cabbage. They are quick to make and healthy to eat. Perfect for easy & quick meal idea.

Cabbage leaves Tacos with Potato Stuffing

The crispness of Cabbage leaves goes well with this Potato Cabbage stuffing, with bit of caramelise onion and fiery of red chili in it. This tacos was perfectly perfect at the last minute I make it.
The brittle and slender leaf of raw cabbage is what make this tacos special. I didn't boiled it or fried it, they are fresh leaves of healthy green cabbage. It's not bad to eat raw cabbage, unless you wash and rinse it properly. Many of us make dressing and salad with shredded raw cabbage using fresh cream or mayonnaise (coleslaw), sometime without fat like vinegar, salt and a bit of olive oil. Which taste sweet, acrid and tender at the same time.
Using vegetable in your meal is healthy and beneficial. So why not try these Tacos in the dinner tonight?