How to Roast Peanuts at home?

Homemade Salted and Roasted Peanuts (2 methods) | Chef in Frame

Do you know? You can roast Peanuts easily at home, in no big time and techniques. Just few things you'll need and get the best quality Salted and Roasted Peanuts ready.
When first time I tried this, it went so perfect that I come to share the whole method with you. You'll love the Smell of Peanuts lingering in the home, the salted and crunchy peanuts in your mouth that's feel almost idyllic as a winter snack!
Well, before I start the whole method. I'm gonna give you two options for roasting peanuts. First one is to use oven for roasting and preheat initially before preparation.
Another method is applicable in case you don't have oven (like me) use Baking in Pot procedure to roast the peanuts. Just a little time difference and all the same steps to follow...
One more trick I used there is BUTTER, that make these peanuts insanely flavorsome. Most method I found from here and there, don't use butter or fat as peanut has already it. But believe me when you use butter (however, there's not too much) , peanuts will show their magic. Pinky Promise!


Dark Chocolate Cake Bars

Dark Chocolate Cakery Squares. Softy and Fluffy as Sponge... Sweet and hearty as Dreams... Enormous Chocolate flavor... Oh wait! Can I borrow a cup of Tea?

Are you evening snacks eaters? Or a coffee/tea drinkers? Chocolate chasers? Brownie addictors? If so, see! What I brought for you....
Look healthy.. huh?

Speaking of health, it's really is robust and wholesome. Unless you aren't on diet. ;) I love healthy things.. chocolates, flaky oily parhatas, butter cakes etc.. let's count this recipe in my Healthy list too.
You know what.. I enjoy baking cake (yes! Healthy one) and enjoy even more the way my cakes turns out and the way I turn the Cake into bars. If you're like me or you don't enjoy cooking in the kitchen, other than cooking up the mess for baking a Cake. You're a Genius One. Bingo! Everyone loves you. Right? Because you give them HEALTHY treat to have with after-so-busy-day evening Tea. So wait for what? Try this another recipe to make them love you more.. even most...


Tomato Salsa with hint of Chilli

Homemade Tomato Salsa, with Boiled Rice. Full of Tomatoes goodness, Little spicy, a bit of sour... Don't requires too much time and techniques, just few ingredients and you'll get this perfect Plate of lite Treat for yourself.

Homemade Tomato Salsa with hint of Chillies

So I'm coming up with another tomato recipe. If you've read my Tomato stuffed Rolls recipe, then you can understand my hookness to Tomatoes. Whenever I crave for quick meal, tomato is what helps me with playing in kitchen. And this recipe is also a quick and easy to make. I'm serving it with boiled rice, but all options is yours that what you love to have with that boozy salsa; fry chicken, potatoes, stir-fry veges, French fries and the list is so long, in short it is best salsa to have anything with.. but Roasted Potatoes will be the king with Homemade Salsa.
Point is how to make this goody then? Want the recipe? Or want to make amaze everyone at home?


Dark Chocolate Brownie Cake

Perfect homemade brownie cake, super moist, easy to make at home. Ideal celebration cake for Brownie lovers and taste even better than bakery's cake.


I love baking birthday cakes, brownies, bars, blondies.. but Brownies are so tempting with dark chocolate delight, at least for me or for chocolate lovers out there. In past I already shared two brownies recipes, Tempted brownies sandwiches & Chocolate Bites. As bars and squares are too popular among brownies in serving dessert with ice-creams or syrups, but today I'm sharing whole Brownie Cake recipe. Best for celebration or parties. Bake them for those who love Chocolates and Brownies. It's super easy and super chocolatey cake you'd ever had. Before I start the recipe, I should tell you to check my basic Cake baking tips. They're only four to five, but are essential elements for making cake at home. These are what I learn from experience in baking bunch of cakes for family's events.