Haiku Catchoo in BAKING

I've never wrote Haiku before never tried nor gave it a look. Yes, wrote a yummy poem few days back, you can check it here. When I saw the weekly challenge at wordpress, i thought to give it a big GO. If i can write a baking poem, so why not baking Haiku (I mean Baiku.) Haiku is traditionally a Japanese poem style, which written in 3 lines. 1st line has 5 syllable, 2nd line has 7 and 3rd line has 6.

Here are my five Haikus on baking. I pick different aspect of baking in each.


Play and Bake...

let's Play... the Playtime!
Play with ingredients, you have in your kitchen,

Take some spices, take some chicken,

Mix them with some baking kittens,

Flour, soda, eggs, veges, salt and pepper,

Whip them all until thicken.

Let's bake it on 325°F temptation,

Here ready your lovely Muffin-ny Chicken.

Play with ingredients, you have in your kitchen.

-by Sadaf F K.


Red Valvet Cake

Red Valvet cake slice | Chef in Frame
Which is your fav color? White, green, blue, orange, etc. Great, Mine is pink. I always pick pinkish stuffs while shopping and playing color games. Pink is so vibrant if its lil dark and so calming when too light. Red come second on my fav color list, then purple and some time I choose black. But all the 7 rainbow color are attractive too. Okay okay, the list have become too long. By the ways, I heard this from ppl that 'color defines our personality', do you agree? I do a bit, but dunno the details that how pink or red color can define me. This kind of astrology is so fun, I enjoy playing that's kind of color games. I know that it couldn't be 100% correct, but some ppl believe so. Well everyone has their own aspect of thinking and their favorite-y.
So today's recipe is also a subjectivity of color, and is the Red color. A Red Valvet Cake. Again a birthday cake, that I baked on 15th Nov on my younger bro's birthday. Here its yummy slice, you can have it. ;)


Chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake | Chef in Frame
Hello again, I'm gonna blogging almost daily to posts all the recipes I baked in Nov, mostly are birthday cakes. In family and friends, there's so many birthdays are in Nov, even mine too. In Nov, it's seems like the birthday season started instead of winter. :)

Well yesterday I posted the part 1 (coffee cake) from the big baking (8th Nov's b'day cake). Now today you'll get the part 2 (final) recipe. And this is of course a Chocolate Cake, the other two layers with coffee cake. This is so simple to make yet too moist and lovely to have. Here is the divine recipe. (make one layer)


The basic Coffee cake

Basic COFFEE CAKE | Chef in Frame
How many you there love to have coffee? Coffee! yes Me, me, and me too. Okay okay I'm also included. In the winter season, you can find a jar full of expresso or instant coffees in your kitchen cabinet. Specially in Pakistan, whenever the winter freeze start people adds coffees in theirs grocery list for themselves and also to serve the guests. Its almost good and a root part of the winter season, but when that heavenly coffee added to the cake, it give a power booster to your basic cake.Recipe today I'm sharing is 3 times baked by me in Nov. 1st time I bake for experiment and it turned out too good. 2nd time I baked this two times (means two cakes) for the birthday, along with the two layers of chocolate cake, which I already call it a big baking in the previous posts. So here is the recipe, Part 1 of big baking (Coffee cake)


Steam Baking Method using Stove

Hello bloggers and followers!
Heston master class on Friday went another big surprise on Masterchef Aus,  his 'senses and food' lesson was so mind opening and his delicate dishes too.
Now, as I'd said in previous posts that I'm gonna share the detail of my baking method soon, so here I'm giving the lesson ( a lesson for life.) :D hope that you'll find it useful in one way or another.


Lemon curd (so light)

lemon curd
Last night i was searching cure for my bore'ness, I completed a chapter from my Financial book and there was nothing to do after that, but dull stuffs... so i thought for doing some adventure in kitchen and picked all leftover stuffs in fridge and cabinet, there was eggs, juice powder, different flours, some fruits, milk, yogurt and some others.  I was thinking to make a cake but my mind flip over something more quick and simple so i did this;
It was actually a success adventure and everybody at home love the way it taste and its glossiness, so i think to share this on my blog (sharing is caring) :)
I make it in so simple technique that it hardly take 15 mins. I'm posting its recipe, hope you'll enjoy making it and having it :D