Fruit and Spinach Green Smoothie

A simple smoothie recipe loaded with Fruit and greens goodness. Robustness and Revitalizing treat for Independence day. 

Fruit and Spinach Green Smoothie

It's 14th August today, the important day in the history of our independent country, The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It has turned 67 years old, mA. It really is something to be dignified over, to be know that it has Abdul Qadeer Khan as a Nuclear Scientist, Abdul Sattar Edhi as a Philanthropist, Arfa Karim Randhwa (late) and Sitara Brooj as the representative of liberal society, has the fastest growing IT field, world's second highest Peak, own the strongest Military Force in the world and has the youth with creative skills (like me!) I'm proud of being a Pakistani. Its cuisine and enviable natural beauty is unbeatable. I owed by all of them. I love the people here. No matter how many sectarian differences we have and how many political parties divide us in group, we, the people of Pakistan still manage to unite under one flag and one name, whether it is cricket finals or natural disasters. I just wish and pray that the future brings better and selfless leader to our beloved land. And also I wish you all Pakistani reader whether living Pakistan or in aboard, a very happy and peaceful Independence Day 2014. Cheer up!

Fruit and Spinach Green Smoothie

On the occasion of 67th birthday of Pakistan I'm representing a Green Smoothie recipe as the patriotism to this land and celebrating with you all lovely Pakistani hearts. After brainstorming the idea of white to green and green to white desserts I just settle on this happily, as it was easy and healthy to make and consume. win-win. Nothing could satisfy my taste bud more than this refreshing drink. The idea of smoothie is honestly taken from the few minutes search on Pinterest. It is a darn simple formula, involved four stages or add up.

- First one start with the base or unsweetened liquid, this can be Milk, Juice etc.
- Second one is to add your green vege, this can be spinach, kale, collards etc.
- Third one involved fruits, this can be any you like, one or more.
- Fourth stage involve enhancer, this may be mints, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla etc.

That's it.. decide what you like and add up then blend them all together to make a Powerful Smoothie. I'm also sharing my version of Green Smoothie which I made first time with a huge success.

Fruit and Spinach Green Smoothie


1/2 cup green tea (chilled or frozen)
1/2 cup spinach (fresh)
1/2 cup mango (cubes, frozen)
1 Banana
2 leaves Mints
1/2 tbsp lemon

Blend them all together, pour in a glass and treat yourself a healthy drink on this independence day.


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