Freebies that help you get Design your own Blogging stuffs

Freebies that help you get design your own blogging stuffs | Chef in Frame
Do you remember I told you I'll come up with some hand dandy freebies, I've found in the process of my shifting things (Wordpress to Blogger) in my previous Pakora's Recipe post? So, finally I'm here with my basket (bookmarklet) full of free Templates, Graphic sources, Fonts and the stuffs like this... These are what I did research for myself to get design a little with my blog, as Blogger always allow to play with HTML coding and do what your designated mind want to.
Actually I ended up collecting the handsome amount of all that stuffs, which not only help me in designing but also give me a little knowledge of  html. That's why I thought to pass this useful basket by you, so that you could also get the benefit out of it. After all, that's all goodies are free plus super attractive and catchy to eyes... Why not grab them all and design in your own way?

Hope that you'll find that stuffs helpful - if so, be sure to share it on your social medias and also with your other bloggy budies... Sharing is Caring. Right? :)

Ready? here the list begin...

Free Templates:

Elite Minima, this is super cute template I've ever found in Free blogger template category and also using it currently (with little changes). Isn't it look cool?

Whimsy, another super simple and sweet template by Blogger Candy, worth checking it out. Plus you'll find a list full of awesome free templates for your blog there. Grab what's fits your style!

Dots, a girly template by Jessica Sims Designs.

Eternal this is 3 column template which can be customize to 2 column also. Plus little more customization it allows (but I think it don't need any) which is design by Scribbles of Valérie. Cute.. huh?

Simply Two Tones it is available in 3 color with simple and cute look, by Loving Life Designs.

Free Fonts:

Fonts are a Big Boss in every designing element and it's always make a great impact on blog make-over!
Fonts I've fallen in love with and even use in my top image, I found them at A Typical English Home's blog. There you'll find a bunch of Collected Fonts gallery. But what I love the most is 15 Elegant Fonts. They are cute cursive fonts. It can also help you to customize your own signature for blog post.

Want more free fonts? see below (10 sites for blog freebies)

Free Graphics:

This is an exiting part of freebies, Graphic! social media icons, background texture and papers, glitter stuffs, real looking digital tap and stuffs like this always help to do little something by your own...  Add cute social media icon in your sidebar.. Super attractive! Make a Pinable image by using these stuffs... Look pro! Agree?
Here you go...

Glitter (silver) social media icons by Xomisse. These sparkling little creation is an apple of my eye. I'm thinking to use in my blog but to be honest with you I don't think It look catchy on Food Blog. I think these item is born for beauty blogger... What do you say?
Are you eye-ing on my icons on the right sidebar?  These I found while searching at google, it is from LAB. Few other cute colors are also available for free download. Go grab what you like... Mix and Match Social Media Icons.

Digital Tapes by ATEH, among one of them is already used in my top image. Looking artistic..? ;)
Well, tapes always make a real impact on photo, like it is really hanging on the blog. Also try these glitter tapes, they are chasing my heart out. I'm definitely gonna try this glitter effect on my next PINable photo!

Ten places for blog freebies: These are 10 places for finding Free but Quality resources for your blog, by Inpired Mag. Believe me they are super addictive sites (if you're graphic junkie, like me!) that I completely hooked to them, rolling around my mouse for a good amount of time and also downloaded bunch freebies. Fonts, apps designs, Html, themes, (for Wordpress) graphics, icons, background and you name it...

HTML coding guide:

HTML is what make a blog design editable, but it can be a bit brainstorming in case you don't know the basics of it. Here's what I get for free in guiding me to play with coding here and there..
HTML basics (sorted out for beginners) by Scribbles of Valérie.
Learning Basic HTML by A Merry Mom.

Voila! Now you can make your own Pinable Images and even a little blog make-over by yourself... I would love to know what and how you're creating catchy design, tweet me at @chefinframe and I'll hop to see your self-made work.

And if you have any Digital Freebies of your own.. feel free to share in comment bellow or contact me, I'll list them all at next freebies post.

Now go and Rock your blog out! Have a great week! :)

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