Tomato sauce Stuffed rolls


Beautiful fluffy yeast rolled buns stuffed with spicy homemade tomato sauce.. who wouldn't love it? Seriously I love tomato and love even more to use in cooking and baking. When I was little, I used to eat tomatoes like a fruit.. grab from the fridge sprinkle salt and pepper, and direct in my mouth (it's known as tomato's fan). I'm not really vegetarian, but a tomatorian. For me, Gravies without tomatoes is like a lentils. Now, you've understand my addiction to tomatoes. So this recipe is also a version for addicted-tomato-lovers, & if you're one of them it is a must try recipe for you. If in case you aren't, then you should try it, believe me you'll start loving them.


Cheeseless Asian-gravy Pizza

After the sweet baking recipes I shared in past, now I'm upto some serious unsweet baking. I really was craving for pizza since a month, but couldn't find time for it and already Pizza making job is all into the hands of my mom. She use to make the dough, sauces etc, but this time I want to do all by myself. See, what I did then...
What? It hasn't any Cheese on the pizza? -Yes buddy, it hasn't. Even it didn't need any cheese on it. It's all set with what it has... & after all this is my crazy version of pizza... Pizza dough, tomato ketchup & Asian gravy, That's it!
Easy plus delicious. Go on for recipe to know what more magic it has.


Cookie cake marbled Blondies

Cookie Cake Marbled Blondies | Chef in Frame
Alright, let's start with praising my baking abilities.. I'm quite good in recreating recipes and baking the mess, then give them crunchy-cramby names. Never mind, I have quite more abilities too.
Well, history of these blondies (a.k.a Bars) are really easy to understand you don't need to open the History's dictionary for it.
Do you know The Pioneer Women? A lady who cook devil recipes? She is a Blondie chef, you know? Her name is Ree. I love her recipes and even love more to try or recreate her goodies. So happened what? I saw a Toffee squares recipes on her blog. And thought to play a lil game with it. That's it! & here the game start.


White Chocolate mini Tarts

While chocolate Mini Tarts | Chef in Frame

How many of you love White Chocolate or the Mini desserts? I know many of you would be the fan of White chocolate here and the Mini dessert already are cute plus sweet. Not kidding, but telling you that I love, love, love so much the sweetness in the white chocolate than the dark one. Putting the white chocolate in the baking things is my favorite hobby. My family isn't the fan of it but I am the biggie one. That make complicated to use white chocolate solely for me. That's why I use it often.
Dark chocolate recipes are widely available here and there, and are too common. But today you're gonna get a sweet temptation of Mini White Chocolate Tart with strawberry jelly Heart. It is perfect for 'Dessert for two' or even for the whole bunch of Family. Lol!


Desi Winter Tea

Since the new year started, the coldness has increase to its peak in Karachi. It's feel like we're in Murree. Karachi is freezing and I can't feel my self when I go to outdoor walk.
Speaking of  Karachi weather, the bleak of the coldness here is increasing day by day. May Allah bless us. We human can't survive the very cold and very hot temp. Now the question is what to do in that situation. Start heater, wear gloves, sweeter, sock and whatever you found in your old winter bag. Whether you are at home or not cover yourself properly, this is what I do. And one important thing I'm going to share today, my mom's winter tea. When you sip it, your all shiver will decrease to almost good height. It is such warm treat for winter night. You'll feel that it is better than regular tea or coffee. Due to the winter bleak, often people felt ill. Some got cough, some flu and so and so.. this tea is very helpful for these all winter effect on us.